Stay updated on our convention program and get ready for the biggest event of the year!

Friday the 17th of June

H14.00: Event opening

H14.30-15.00: Opening ceremony and speech by Ordo Adamantis Atri [ENG]

H15.00-16.00: Lecture by Global Order of Satan [ENG]

H15.00-16.30: Workshop «Samaelite qliphotic meditation and ascesis» by Paolo Margarone [IT]

H16.30-17.30: Lecture  «The archetype of the Dark Feminine and its role in the draconian magick» by Daemon Barzai [ENG]

H17.30-18.30: Lecture «The Hunter Goddesses of health and disease» by Sara Ballini  [ENG]

H20.30-21.30: «Psychic Show» by Paolo Margarone

H21.30-22.30: Liturgy of the 111 fires by Ordo Adamantis Atri

H22.30: Event closing 


Saturday the 18th of June

H9.00: Event Opening

H11.00-12.00: Lecture «Ars Diaboli: sacred icons and artistic inspiration in the left hand paths» by Zeroth Q-Ayn [ENG]

H10.00-13.00: Workshop «Adversarial Magic Workshop» by Paul Nunez [ENG]

H14.00-15.00: Lecture «Sex Magick: metaphysical origins and fundamentals» by Nera Luce  [IT]

H.15.30-16.30: Lecture: «The Serpent: from ancient sources to Hesiod's Theogony until Samaelism» by Ordo Adamantis Atri

H16.30-17.30: Public Event «Endecagrammaton Launch» by Endecagrammaton Edition

H17.30-19.00: Lecture «Eroto-mysticism of the Black Mass: from the goat of Mendes to the Beast 666 of the Revelation» by Thomas Karlsson [ENG]

H19.30-20.00: VIP Aperitivo

H20.30-21.30: Satanic Burlesque Show by Noctis Bourlesque 

H22.00: Event closing


Sunday the 19th of June


H9.00: Event opening

H10.00-11.00: Lecture: «Plants and Religion: the hidden history behind the link between men and nature» by Manuel Baldassarri [ENG] 

H11.00-12.30: Lecture by Michael W. Ford [ENG]

H.14.30-15.30: Lecture «Philosophical origins of Luciferism and sigil magick» by Hopemarie Ford [ENG]

H15.30-16.30: Lecture  «Antinomianism among Outlaws» by Paul Nunez [ENG]

H.16.30-17.30: Workshop «The Black Subterranean Chakras» by Thomas Karlsson [ENG]

H17.30-18.30: Lecture «A Little knowledge is a Dangerous Thing: separating facts from fantasy on the Spiritual Path» by Nikolas Schreck [ENG]

H17.30-18.30:Workshop «How to create the perfect incense blend for the worship of Deities» by Manuel Baldassarri [IT]

H18.30-19.30: Lecture «LaVey was not the first: (proto) satanic orders and authors» by Miguel Pastor [ENG]

H21.00-22.00: Concert by Akthya  (aka M. W. Ford)

H22.00: Event closing