About Us



Sitra Ahra Convention is born as a unique moment during which every main voice in the Left-Hand Path can discuss and confront with others on the main themes of esotericism, theosophy and occultism. Our event, organized in the first time in 2022, has developed as a very exclusive milieu with few seats available so that every attendant can meet and know personally the authors and the lecturers that our organization brings to Italy every year.


Our aim is to put Italy at the center of the LHP panorama as a converting point for all the currents, the orders, the associations and the speculations, reclaiming the typical italian Renaissance behavior of openness and cultural innovation. 

Despite the name of our event, our organization tries to increase evert year the number of the voices, opening the gates of our convention to exponents of other currents, such as, for example, contemporary and traditionalist paganism. We don't have to remember the the aim of our event is to find points of contact between the different currents and, by doing so, developing a new consciousness not only in the LHP scenario, but in all the esoteric world.